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Check out our openings below and click 'apply now' if you think you've found your calling! Piatto asks that all online applications be submitted in English. If you have additional linguistic talents (such as French or Italian), please share them with us by emailing your resume after submitting this application. Thanks for your interest!


All Locations (St. John’s, Elizabeth Avenue, Halifax, Moncton, Charlottetown and Cavendish)

You LIVE FOR FOOD! You HAVE TO TRAVEL! WE totally get it! And, we totally want you to click that button on the bottom of this page and apply today. First, here’s the gig we’re talking about. There’s an amazing place, just down the street from where you live, and it serves authentic Neapolitan pizza; yes you read that right, PIZZA! It’s called Piatto, and at Piatto we want teach you the art of pizza making using the techniques from Napoli, the birthplace of pizza.

What makes it so special? Piatto is a VPN- certified, authentic, Neapolitan pizzeria, a certification we pride ourselves on. We cook all our pies in a 900-degree oven and we do it all right in front of our guests! They love it and so do our pizzaiolos (pizza cooks). That’s what you’ll be, a pizzaiolo. You’ll be in a buzzing, fun environment where you are the main event and where entertaining the customers and being part of “the show” is a big part of your job?

We know you probably haven’t done anything like this before but we will build on your current culinary skills and give you tons of training in the traditional VPN methods. Before you know it, you will be tossing pizzas, entertaining customers and much, much, more. After mastering the VPN Pizzaiolo skills at Piatto you will be a welcome addition in over 500 VPN pizzerias around the world, yes it’s pretty much your ticket to travel with an easy mind knowing you can walk into any VPN location and be welcomed with open arms.

It’s so much fun and you still get paid! So, if you’re already salivating and you can stand the “heat” of a 900-degree oven, then you go ahead and click that link now! This unique profession is all joy for someone who loves to cook, and even better for a traveler…you can see yourself here right?


All Locations (St. John’s, Elizabeth Avenue, Halifax, Moncton, Charlottetown and Cavendish)

When the alarm goes off and your workday begins, IT’S SHOWTIME! You are always on your game, you can’t wait to see what the day brings and you are so ready for it. You’re quick to think and faster to act, you have all the know-how to make the right choices for your guests and in turn over deliver on their experience. You will always take on your tasks with vigour, and you also inspire everyone around you to be better and do better. You’ve just got that swagger, and it’s contagious. Sounds like you’re the next Vice Direttore Generale at Piatto Pizzeria. That’s the Assistant General Manager of one of the fastest growing, and most talked about Atlantic Canadian restaurant groups. You embody authenticity, and so do we, and that’s a great match.

Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca is part of an exclusive group of VPN certified restaurants; so exclusive, that there are just over 500 worldwide. VPN certification comes directly from Italy, so you’re in the know about incredible ingredients, wines and techniques. We cook all our pies in a 900-degree oven that’s displayed on centre stage so all can see the excitement of handmade, wood-fired, authentic pizzas. The pizza is part of the show, and that’s just part of the atmosphere that creates an electric vibe among our local enthusiasts. Friends, couples and families gather at this local treasure because they’ve found all the Italian food and culture they crave right in their own neighbourhood.

So, we are looking for a Full Time Assistant Manager who wants to genuinely engage and enjoy the company of our guests while building a team of inspired employees; we want a natural leader who is personable and takes enormous pride in the service experience from “Hello and Welcome” to “Have a great, night and we’ll see you soon”. Most importantly, we are looking for an Assistant Manager who wants to be part of the Piatto family and will be part of the force that will cultivate every aspect of our business.

We are busy and growing, and we’re heading in to the summer months so we want to give ample time for you to immerse yourself in the “Piatto Way.” We invest time in training you to be the best you can possibly be! This role comes with full time hours and full health benefits. If you can’t sit still any longer, stand up and hit that apply button. Let’s find out if you’re that special someone destined to add the perfect amount of spice to our company.


All Locations (St. John’s, Elizabeth Avenue, Halifax, Moncton, Charlottetown and Cavendish)

Your day is not complete without making some else feel great! You think of ways you can go above and beyond, and even surprise people with your quick thinking. An almost empty glass on a table, that just has to be filled before you blink! You’re lifted up, so upbeat you could be walking on air, the more lively the place the bigger smile on your face. Do you know what that means? You have it, you have the hospitality gene, and if you’re almost jumping out of your chair just wondering what this is all about you need to keep reading.

We know you’re excited; and it gets better! Work with us and you get to learn about great food, delicious wines and international culture. How about real Italian service experience, all at the local gathering place? With you and your friends making it all happen? Where is this magical spot? Piatto…and it’s right in your neighbourhood. Piatto is a VPN–certified, authentic, Neapolitan pizzeria. We cook all our pies in a 900-degree oven which is on centre stage so all can see the excitement of handmade, wood-fired, authentic pizzas. We’re part of an exclusive network of just over 500 restaurants worldwide that have the authentic VPN certification from the birthplace of pizza, Naples!

At Piatto, we want amazing servers; ones who bring their “A” game every day and engage genuinely with guests. We need people who are outgoing, personable, quick thinking and over deliver for every guest experience. Wherever you work you become fast friends with your peers, because you really enjoy being around them, and when you’re happy so are they. If this is you and you can’t wait to start, click that link and apply now. The busy season is coming and we want to arm you with training and lead you in the “Piatto Way.” We invest in your training because you’re our most important connection to our guests. If you’re happy, they’re happy and we’re happy. What are you waiting for? Click that button and apply!